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"With more than 17 years dedicated to my training and practice as an architect, I have focused on sustainability and the care of our resources, advocating for quality, efficiency and constructive innovation in each of the projects.


Since my beginnings in the profession I have turned to the protection of nature and its landscapes, from the integration and enhancement of the territory.

I think of the projects from nature, as a solid base, trying to add to the landscape in the most passive way possible and in response to it, obtaining all those virtues it has to offer."

Architect UVM, year 2011 / Diploma in Public Architecture UC, year 2017 / Diploma in Sustainable Architecture PUC, year 2018 / Diploma in Energy Efficiency PUC, year 2021

"My relationship with nature is that living in it we can use all our senses, avoid the anxiety and stress that the city gives us, and receive a deep peace. This requires an understanding of it and a respect for the processes and resources that surround us. I try to always be open to sustainable innovation, as with my passions like surfing and my endeavors like installing solar panels and rainwater harvesting."

Sustainability Manager

environmental economist


"My relationship and connection with nature is born from an early age, which is why I feel a commitment to responsible care with it. My approach is based on a deep understanding of ecosystems and their interactions with humans and available natural resources.

My main objective is to design and build landscapes that respect and work in harmony with nature, creating spaces that are both functionally effective and visually captivating; Implementing water, ecosystem and energy conservation strategies implemented in each project, maximizing the beauty of the environment without compromising its integrity.

I believe in the importance of beauty in our daily lives and its positive impact on our health and well-being."

territory managerriver and landscaping

Agricultural Engineermo

engineer Civilian

Energy evaluator 


"Ingeniero Civil, con una sólida trayectoria en Coordinación de proyectos, especializado en Eficiencia Energética y Construcción Sustentable.

A lo largo de mi trayectoria profesional, he buscado la manera de contribuir en la forma que se conciben, diseñan, ejecutan y ocupan las viviendas, entendiendo la importancia y el impacto que genera utilizar de forma eficiente los recursos naturales y materiales, además de lo que afecta en la calidad de vida, una vivienda confortable. Una de mis principales metas es promover el uso, soluciones, proveedores y empresas que desempeñen un papel fundamental en la implementación de proyectos con estándares elevados en Eficiencia energética y construcción sustentable; y generar sinergia y una coordinación eficiente entre ellas"

Encargado de Evaluaciones y Certificaciones

Ingeniero Civil,  con diploma en ingeniería y gestión de la construcción / PUC 2014

Diploma en Eficiencia energética en edificación /PUC 2021

Certificaciones CEV 2020 / CVS 2022 / Minergie Chile 2022 /

CES 2020






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