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We yearn for a planet where nature prevails over everything, where we take care of our resources and our energy to focus on what is essential.

We cover it from the territory, through architecture, sustainability and energy efficiency


Juan Bustos, Matanzas House

Our Experience with Sofía, the architect who designed our house in Matanzas, Christmas district, was absolutely incredible. From the first moment we shared our ideas and desires for our home, Sofia demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and a passion for creating a truly special and functional space.
One of the key aspects for us was finding a balance between privacy and protection from the constant wind in the area. At the same time, we longed for a terrace where we could enjoy the beautiful scenery. Sofia managed to combine these seemingly opposite elements perfectly.
She really captured the essence of the place and created a warm and welcoming atmosphere in every corner of the house. Each space was carefully designed to provide comfort and a pleasant stay. Sofia's attention to detail and dedication was evident, and the result exceeded our expectations.
What impressed us the most was his ability to turn our ideas into a tangible reality. His creativity and vision transformed our desires into an architectural design that fit perfectly with our needs and the environment. His professionalism and commitment throughout the construction process were exemplary.
In short, our experience with Sofia was extremely rewarding. Not only did he create a home that met everything we were looking for, but he also left a lasting mark by reflecting our lifestyle and personality in the home. We are sincerely grateful for her skill, dedication and passion for her work, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to create a unique and functional space that is perfectly suited to their needs and desires."
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